Everest Challenge – 24 WOD’s in 24 Hours

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Here it is – The Mount Everest of CrossFit Challenges. 

24 WOD’s in 24 Hours.


16 year old Alyssa Azar is attempting to Summit Mount Everest in 2014. This is such a mammoth challenge and also a very expensive one. We are wanting to get the community behind her so all funds raised from this event will go towards her Mount Everest Summit drive in less than 10 months time.

Read more about Alyssa here: www.alyssaazar.com.au 


In the Everest Summit drive there is a 24 hour period where Alyssa will climb from Camp Four to to the Summit and back down. In this period people find it physically impossible to sleep but still have to perform.

We want to prove that as CrossFitters we can match this challenge and raise money in the process.


Every hour we will release a WOD (in fact 15 minutes to the hour). The individual or team will then have one hour to complete that WOD. The quicker you get through the longer you get to rest for the next WOD.

TEAM - Four person teams where three members must perform each WOD (so one person can rest).

INDIVIDUAL - You are true awesome. You will complete every WOD – 24 in 24.

Where will they be released?

Your WOD’s will be released at Alyssa’s Website – www.alyssaazar.com.au

and also on Alyssa’s Facebook Page 



This is a great opportunity for your Box to get together in a mammoth challenge for a great cause. To help a fellow Fitness Enthusiast and young CrossFit Athlete as she attempts to do something extraordinary.

Get the Box together, have a camp out, and smash some WOD’s.

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